Pot Full Of Potential

I can almost believe that Spring is…..Springing.

Yesterday evening saw a frenetic burst of muddy, horticultural based shenanigans as my wife and I made the most of the precious post-work sun to clear up some of the chicken based carnage that had occurred in our garden, as well as plant out a collection rather sad looking seedlings.

Our chooks tend to scratch a lot around our rose bush, flicking the mud  and crap (literally) out onto our lawn. As the mud collects, the grass dies, with the result that the small circle of earth around the rose bush, or more accurately, what was the rose bush, spreads ever outwards, bent on garden-wide domination.

As such we have – to utilise Cold War terminology – unleashed a multi-faceted policy of ‘containment’; employing a devastating combination of plastic edging and well timed Bugger Offs to stem the expansionist desires of the birds.

(Rather un-expectantly after a traumatic combination of chickens + sudden gust of wind + flapping plastic, I am fairly confident the girls will stay clear of the area for the foreseeable and, of their own accord. I have never seen such flustered and grumpy chickens.) 

Gardening Books Outdoors

Garden Companions

My lettuce seedlings that have been sitting in the greenhouse, patiently awaiting a spell of weather that wouldn’t  result in instant doom the second they were planted out, have finally been plonked into deep, brown soil, where they belong.

Rather belatedly too, some onion sets have been sown with their little red tops peeking out of the soil and spinach has been liberally scattered in sunnier corners of the veg patch.

Planting Onions

Onions In

So fingers crossed that the weather holds.

It was so good to get outside, even if the wind was blowing like mad and I hope that this is a precursor of things to come. I have missed my post work pottering; digging around with a cup of tea in hand, soaking up some sun and forgetting about the 7.5 dreary hours logged in front of the computer screen.

So, here’s to Spring.  I just hope that it hangs around long enough to keep me and my plants going a little bit longer; there’s only so much Great British weather a man can take.

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