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Eggs are back on the menu

It was good news for egg producers earlier this year, with the announcement that the number of eggs consumed in the UK is at the highest level since the 1980’s, with the nation seeming to have rediscovered its egg based … Continue reading

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Slug Solutions

Although I like to think of myself as a fairly relaxed and easy going kind of chap (I can picture my wife laughing hysterically at that one) I am rather partial to the odd rant or two. Tesco’s, planning regulations, … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wing Clipping

Born to Fly! If, like me, you have the dubious pleasure of owning some ‘flighty’ chickens that enjoy nothing better than propelling themselves over fences, into trees and at the back door, you may well consider clipping one of the … Continue reading

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Future of Farming

I am an avid listener to BBC Radio Four’s Farming Today programme and have been interested to listen to the amount of air time they have dedicated over the last month to the issue of employment, or rather the lack … Continue reading

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Bankholiday Bumbling

Three days off? Sun shining? There was only one thing I was going to do this bank holiday weekend; spend every available second outdoors, enjoying my garden and all the beauty that my rural location provides. And pay a little … Continue reading

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Real Life Chicken Keeping: Lost Eggs, Hosepipes and Hedges

If you’ve got a spare minute head over to Pocket Farm Magazine to have a chuckle reading my latest published article about the sometimes comical contrast between the myth and reality of small scale chicken care. Books, articles and … Continue reading

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Countryfile, Hydroponics and The One Straw Revolution

On Sunday, as I started to brood over the prospect of heading back to work, I decided to retreat from the garden and spend a few non-active minutes in front of my laptop watching a past edition of Countryfile. For those … Continue reading

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