Wonderful Wing Clipping


Born to Fly!

If, like me, you have the dubious pleasure of owning some ‘flighty’ chickens that enjoy nothing better than propelling themselves over fences, into trees and at the back door, you may well consider clipping one of the offending bird’s wings.

Although this can appear to be a somewhat brutal procedure, if done correctly, it is a painless and relatively straightforward task.

By trimming the length of the primary flight feathers on one wing, a chicken becomes unbalanced if they attempt take off and after a failed attempts or two, usually give up trying. In the long, run not only can this save you a great deal of grief, but it can also help prevent the bird in question getting into danger.

To view my step-by-step guide as to how to go about doing this wing clipping yourself, head over to  the Readers Solutions section of Permaculture Magazine’s website (http://www.permaculture.co.uk/), where the relevant article can be viewed in all its chicken based glory:


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