Winter wonderland

???????????????????????????????As the frequency of frosty mornings increases and the talk in the news turns to snow (or rather, snow ‘chaos’), I am frequently asked by new, free range chicken keepers if they need to take any special measures to ensure the well being and productivity of their birds.

Chickens are hardy animals and can survive in extremely cold conditions, but there are certainly steps that can be taken to improve their position during the winter months.

As such I have put together a short feature for Pocket Farm magazine; providing information that will hopefully prepare novice chicken keepers for the coming cold weather and help ensure that they maintain happy, healthy and productive hens.

Check out the article and if you have any other ‘winter tips’ please be sure to comment:

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1 Response to Winter wonderland

  1. hobacaitbe says:

    Your winter wonderland looks very different than mine. I was a little surprised to see the very photogenic chicken without a background of snow. And very vivid greens. My New England winter is not like your England winter. I would add that in the winter here, I wrap my covered run with tarps we get these Nor-eastern storms that swirl the snow right into the run.

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