Launch of PigPeopleUK



@PigPeopleUK was established at the end of July 2014 to act as an accessible, Twitter based hub for all pig farmers in the United Kingdom.

The primary aim of @PigPeopleUK is to provide a platform from which to distribute up-to-date industry news as well as an open forum on which people can share ideas, ask questions and connect with fellow pig keepers; no matter how large or small their setup.

However @PigPeopleUK will also perform a vital subsidiary role in helping to educate members of be public as to why, in the face of increasing global competition, UK pig producers deserve to be supported by consumers; actively illustrating the passion, dedication and commitment to welfare standards that are so prevalent amongst the UK’s pig producers.

So, if you are actively involved in pig farming or are just a member of the public wanting to gain an insight into the porcine world, please log on to Twitter, give @PigPeopleUK a search and join us!

We look forward to you getting involved:



P.S Don’t forget the hashtag: #pigpic #pigtalk

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