Published Features

A new list for 2013/2014 

Farmers Guardian September 5th 2014; New entrants alert to threat of African swine fever

Scan 2

Farmers Weekly August 2014; African swine fever strategy concerns pig industry

Practical Pigs magazine August 2014; Are insects the future for pig feed?

The Western Daily Press July 2nd 2014; Potential alternative to soya in animal feed

TheJournal June 30th 2014; Farmers fear cash delays due to CAP changes

Practical Poultry magazine June 2014; Grow Your Own

Your Chicken magazine May 2014; Won Over

Western Daily Press April 16th 2014; NSA launches guide for walkers

Grow Your Own magazine April 2014: How to integrate new chickens into your existing flock

The Journal 19th February 2014; Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics threat to Britain’s pig sector

Pigs, PEDV, Farming

Western Daily Press 25th January 2014; Supermarkets back British pork

Western Daily Press 11th January 2014; Is there a case for legalising pig swill?

Bristol Post and Western Daily Press January 2014 ; Helping promote Bristol Potato Day:

Pocket Farm Magazine January 2014; Helping  chickens cope with the cold:

Cycling Active magazine, December 2013; Taking the road less travelled

West Country Life magazine Books, 16th November 2013; Interview with Simon Singh regarding his new book ‘The Simpson and Their Mathematical Secrets’:

Western Daily Press 16th November 2013; Industry aims to appeal to ‘young blood’ (promoting the National Sheep Association):

Western Daily Press 26th October 2013; Livestock rustling’s making a comeback

Western Daily Press 12th October 2013; Pig welfare overlooked in parts of EU

Western Daily Press 28th September 2013; Positive signs within UK pig industry

Western Daily Press 21st August 2013; Pig Farmers in UK face another potential challenge:

Western Daily Press 31st July 2013; Hard to see how organic decline can be reversed

Western Daily Press 24th July 2013; Surge in free-range eggs sales not all good news

Western Daily Press 17th July 2013; Agriculture has to appeal to the next generation


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