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A man with a plan

April, in many ways, represents my favourite time of year. Whilst the weather may still not be brilliant and work schedules seem to get ever fuller, I can’t help but get excited as I start to day dream and plan … Continue reading

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Cabin fever

Rain, rain and more bloody rain; that has been the story of the last month. As someone who is addicted to spending time outdoors, to being active and enjoying open spaces, the last month has been very tiresome. Whilst I … Continue reading

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Eggs are back on the menu

It was good news for egg producers earlier this year, with the announcement that the number of eggs consumed in the UK is at the highest level since the 1980’s, with the nation seeming to have rediscovered its egg based … Continue reading

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Changes: Garden, Chooks and People

When I return from a trip away I always expect change to have occurred when I return. No matter if I have been away from home for a few days, or a few months, I anticipate that in my absence … Continue reading

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Who’s the boss?

In any group, there is always one who has to be a bit different; someone who wants to shun the rules, do their own thing and generally cause trouble. These individuals are often referred to as mavericks or rebels, but when it comes … Continue reading

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